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Our retreats and follow up coaching programs are led by physicans who truly understand the challenges and critical success factors of fully or partially migrating a medical practice to virtual. Our physician mentors know what it takes to be successful because they have done it.

One of our physician mentors, Dr. Sylvan Waller, is the former Chief Medical Officer of MDLIVE, Inc., one of the nation’s largest and most successful telehealth companies. Prior to MDLIVE, Dr. Waller was the Founder and CEO of Alii Healthcare, a telehealth company connecting ER doctors with patients. Dr. Waller has a medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and completed his residency at Emory University School Of Medicine. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Waller now practices virtual healthcare, in addition to coaching our physican clients on how to manage the transition.


Becoming a doctor used to be one of the most prestigious and aspirational professions, but the medical profession has started to lose that level of respect and prestige. This is not because the work has become any less important, but because of the administrative headaches, the substantial accrual of debt, the malpractice environment, and the tireless work hours often at lower compensation rates. Parents are increasingly steering their children into other occupations. These parents see what today’s doctors are going through and want to save them from the…well, the burnout. If the processes and expectations of the medical profession do not change, neither will these surging levels of physician burnout.

Earn what you deserve, without all the stress.

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At the Physicians Gone Wild retreat, not only will you have the networking and vacation experience of your life, the knowledge you will take away from this will plunge you deep into the new and rapidly expanding world of telemedicine. It’s a new frontier Of GUARANTEED earnings potential waiting for you.

We will provide you the strategies and techniques to practice on your own terms in virtual healthcare. By leveraging our 12 credit CME certified course, we will show you how as a part-time physician to make upwards of an additional $250,000.00 per year. Or as a full-time independent contracted physician, upwards Of $650,000.00 per year. If you own your own practice, you can add an additional $100,000.00 per year, per physician or more.

Whatever your goals, we will show you how.

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Earn 12 CME credits while learning from physicians on a beach in Costa Rica, sunny Florida, in the southern hospitality of Austin, or in the fresh air of the Colorado mountains…

virtual retreats

Our support can continue after the retreat with physician-to-physician coaching to take the knowledge you’ll obtain from the retreat to make real changes in your life.

online training courses!

We’ll help you get through all the red tape of expanding your State licensing and getting approved to join the largest telehealth networks.