How To Transition Your Practice into Telemedicine

In 2013, 40% of doctors reported feelings of burnout. In 2017, that number jumped to 51%. It’s no doubt burnout is real in our profession. The steps you take through schooling and residency are enough to make some reconsider the field. Ten years ago, a career change was the only option. But today, telemedicine offers an escape from burnout.

Work-life balance is important in every field, but for doctors, it seems to be an anomaly. You’re not expected to have any downtime or personal life as a doctor – certainly not as a young one.

But why is that? Why is it normal for those in our profession to forego a normal life in exchange for a good profession?

This has been a question for so long. But with the rise of telemedicine, clinicians now have the option to live a healthy life outside of work.

Incorporating Telemedicine into Your Workday

You remember why you got into medicine in the first place? For the patient care. Or the financial security. Or maybe it was the attainable status that comes with becoming a doctor. Whichever reason, you chose to be a doctor with optimism. But then the long nights, early mornings, pressure of lawsuits and new EMR systems all started coming into play and the profession became stressful.

Telemedicine can alleviate some of that stress. You can make money without the worry that comes with an impatient waiting room.

With the rise of telemedicine, providers have the ability to convert to full-time telemedicine doctors, or do it part-time to take away some of the stress that comes with high volume of weekly office visits.

How much can be made in telemedicine? ZipRecruiter estimates the average telehealth provider salary at $216,000 per year. But those who have a perfect balance of office visits and telemedicine consults can easily break the $500,000 per year marker.

Physicians Gone Wild Gives You All the Tools

At Physicians Gone Wild, we don’t simply offer a conference in a tropical location with industry insight (although we have that too!). We have a 12-credit, CME-certified course that will teach you the ins and out of the telemedicine industry so that you can have the knowledge to expand. This course will be taught in a stress-free, half-day conference schedule. After all, your work days back home are long and exhausting and we’re trying to change that.

Once the conference is over, our relationship doesn’t have to end. We offer ongoing consulting services supporting: credentials, implementation, and obtaining additional licenses for practicing across state lines. We have a group of experienced professionals in each area that’s ready to guide you in the direction you’re ready to go.

Interested in Taking Advantage of Telemedicine Benefits?

We’re not always in a tropical location, though we’d like to be. But when we’re not at the conference, we’re here, ready to walk with you down the promising path that leads to a better work-life balance and, of course, less burnout. 

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