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Patient Satisfaction: Hospitals Praising Telehealth Services

Patient satisfaction is what keeps patients coming back to our practice. If there’s no level of satisfaction, it’s difficult to establish trust. Luckily, 68% of patients questioned at Massachusetts General Hospital rated their experience with telehealth either nine- or ten-stars.

A recent study also found that 98% of employees working with telehealth services had a positive experience. This study’s outcomes were based on responses from employees representing 69 hospitals across the United States.

These two numerical values show the positive trend with regard to telehealth services for both parties involved. With a more demanding schedule, patients today are looking for ways around office hour appointments and prolonged waiting room times. From an employee standpoint, this helps as well, as the lower number of anxious or upset patients yields a favorable effect on morale.

Patient satisfaction with telehealth is trending upward, as displayed by the results from the aforementioned studies. On further examination of this subject, we found three key reasons why.

Ease of Use

Individuals demand simplicity in their lives. While many want new technologies to be introduced to our way of life to help boost productivity, we also have developed a distaste for any burden that may come with it. Physicians like to focus on patient care and if we spend too much time learning and less time practicing, we’re not utilizing our abilities to the fullest.

Patient satisfaction with telehealth services comes in the form of its simplicity. Telemedicine gives patients the ability to communicate with a doctor directly from the comfort of their home or workplace. For senior patients, those with physical challenges, and individuals who assume a busy lifestyle, having this option saves time and money.


The everyday workweek for our patients is becoming less and less casual. Individuals are living busier lives, leaving less tolerance for waiting rooms and travel to and from the office. Patient satisfaction may start with a friendly doctor willing to help, but when that friendly doctor is able to simplify their visit by removing the unnecessary logistics and time, it can go a long way.

Telehealth appointments can be taken over the phone with the simple push of a button. Phones are used in the everyday lives of our patients and being able to communicate and share our knowledge to those phones creates a level of convenience they need.


With regard to patient satisfaction, we’ve discussed how simplicity of software and convenience of said software being available on their phone is critical. That being said, the most important feature telemedicine offers is the expertise on the other end of the line.

When a patient is having a concern, they want to turn to someone they can trust. While the ease of searching online for an explanation to your diagnosis is a temporary solution for some, a face-to-face conversation with a licensed and practicing physician is what they are all after.

With telehealth appointments over the phone, patients get the answer they desire, direct from the source.

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