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Our world is changing faster than most people can keep up with in this day and age.  The speed at which technology is moving and how it is penetrating every single profession and industry is amazing, but creates uneasiness at the same time.

Understand all aspects of the market place and how to apply it to your benefit!

In the past several years, telemedicine has been one of the top topics at all major healthcare conferences. All major health plans offer some type of telemedicine service that redirected to a small group of telemedicine companies.

Obtain the knowledge to know how to tap into where the healthcare market is going!

By 2022, Telemedicine is estimated to be a $78 billion dollar market!

Telemedicine is estimated to be a $78 billion dollar market
Other benefits:

42% Improved care coordination, outcomes, and quality of care

42% Potencial to improve cost effectiveness of care

42% Increased flexibility to clinician’s schedule

32% Potencial to improve workflow

28% Staying connected with my peers and other clinicians

11% I don’t see any benefits

Physicians see benefits of virtual care technologies

Base: 624 (all physicians)

Source: Deloitte 2018 Survey of US Physicians.

We help you understand all aspects of becoming a virtual provider. From where to start, what to avoid, best way of transition, and maximizing your revenue potential. Whether you already began the transition into telemedicine, not sure if it is right for you or how to transition into this new life of freedom… Physicians gone wild retreat will provide you the opportunity to make you like better and enjoy true freedom.
Over an exciting 3 day period we cover 12 sessions to understand Telemedicine end to end. We provide you the education, insight, tutelage of experienced providers who made the transition, and how to navigate through this evolving sector of healthcare.
Invest in yourself and don’t allow the opportunity pass you by! If you are looking to make a small change or massive change in your life, this event will help you seize the opportunity to do so.
Only you can make the decision to enjoy the life you were meant to have and the pleasure that you deserve. Our retreat brings together providers with all different backgrounds and specialties with one common problem to solve, how do I make a breakthrough into telemedicine for a more enjoyable and free life while doing what I love to do.
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